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Return is the brainchild of McCort Entertainment LLC founder, Brent Dow. He has often pondered of we were not alone amongst the stars? Even more, if the rumors of highly advanced humans on this planet are true? What would happen if one of them showed up at our doorstep after traveling the galaxy for generations? This series tackles those questions and more. Never a stranger to storytelling, Brent has fully immersed into this new universe inspired by the likes of Gene Roddenberry, George Lucas, and Joss Whedon. Inspired by greats before him, Brent hopes to tell a fantastic story and build a grand universe for you to explore.

“Return” is a Sci Fi web series produced by McCort Entertainment LLC and is intended for entertainment purposes only. All characters, stories, and details are ficticous or loosely based on people and organizations within society. Any real details used are at the discretion of the writers and producers of the series and are by the expressed permission of the individual or organization, and intended for the additional content to a fiction story.

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